Event: Yoga

If you encounter some residents doing yoga on the edge of Sanur Beach, precisely in the morning at the Inna Grand Bali Beach or Coral Beach, that is the yoga fraternity of asana Seger Oger. The group initiated by the people of Sanur is intensely carrying out yoga in the open and can be followed by anyone free of charge. Yoga Seger Oger further becomes the identity of Sanur Village as the practice of body movement, mind, and soul. Seger Oger who has been blended with the lives of some Sanur residents is also presented in the implementation of SVF. Local and international yoga instructors once filled a yoga and yoga mass worskhop that involved many participants in the SVF event. Not only is it done on the coastal sand, but it also fills the main entertainment stage because Seger Oger creates choreographic composition creations according to SVF theme.